Richard Schwall

Rick Schwall is the Chief Financier of Saving Humanity from Homo Sapiens. Rick has been passionate about saving the world for years, using Saving Humanity from Homo Sapiens as his personal slogan. When he met Thomas, the idea was formed to transform SHfHS into a larger-scale philanthropic foundation. You can reach Rick at

existential risk reduction
Joy Livingwell

Joy Livingwell is Lead Researcher at Saving Humanity from Homo Sapiens. Her main focus is global priorities research.

Years ago, Joy started investigating the collapse of past civilizations for clues about what dangers modern civilization should avoid in order to last. Her work on avoiding global catastrophic risks and existential risks led to a search for paths, tools, and requirements for today's humanity to build a flourishing future that will last thousands or millions of years and allow us to reach the stars.

Joy also has 10 years of experience doing research in practical psychology, developing tools for making people more effective.

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Future of Humanity Institute
Machine Intelligence Research Institute