How Can I Help?

Most of us, unfortunately, are not in a position to directly work on reducing X-Risk ourselves. Unless you already have a job working on an X-Risk, or are planning on entering a field where you could do such work, then volunteering is not the best way to contribute. For the rest of us, money is the unit of caring. Even if you assign a low chance of a catastrophe occuring to wipe out humanity, the impact of it would be so huge that the odds are that contributing to X-Risk reduction is the most impactful philanthropy you can do, so you should care a lot. If you desire to reduce existential risk, then you should find the people doing the best work currently, and try to support them in the best possible way: by giving them the funds they need to do their research.

That's where SHfHS comes in. We here at SHfHS aren't doing research to reduce X-Risk, and we don't want your money. Instead, we've found the people who are doing the best work, and we want you to give them money. Click on any of the links to the right to visit the webpages of the groups we support, and then if you decide they deserve your support as well, help save humanity.

Center For Aplied Rationality
Future of Humanity Institute
Machine Intelligence Research Institute